Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breathing Peace Workshop in June!

How we breathe reflects who we are and the manner in which we express ourselves-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This workshop is a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to improve his or her health and vitality through the breath.

Breathing also affects our state of mind. It can make us excited or calm, tense or relaxed. There is a definite connection between rate of breathing and either stress or relaxation. It is very hard to be in a complete state of stress if your breathing is slow and deep. It doesn't mean you won't encounter stressful events, but you can certainly let them take less of a physical toll on you even when you are dealing with unavoidable stressful situations by not letting your breathing put you into overload.

5 Reasons to try Conscious Breathing

* Conscious breathing teaches us the proper way to breathe. We became used to breathing from our chest, using only a fraction of the lungs, not knowing that this unhealthy and unnatural way of inhaling may lead to several complications. With yoga breathing, we increase the capacity of our lungs, bringing more oxygen supply to the body to function well. We learn how to breathe slowly and deeply - the right way.

* Conscious breathing reduces the toxins and body wastes from within our body. It prevents one from acquiring diseases.

* Conscious breathing helps in one's digestion. With the proper way of breathing, one's metabolism and health condition will start to improve.

* Conscious breathing develops our concentration and focus. It fights away stress and relaxes the body.

* Conscious breathing also results in serenity and peace of mind.

"Take time to connect with your breath, consciously breathing, allowing your breath to be a bridge into this moment."

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