Sunday, September 16, 2012

11:00- 1:00 "Breathing Peace, Navigating Through Stress Gracefully"

Conscious regulation of the breath is the single most effective relaxation technique to flow through stress. This workshop focuses on mindful breathing practices that are calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders. "Breathing Peace" is a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to improve his or her health and vitality through conscious breathing. Take time to experience the master key to health and longevity as we use the breath to navigate through troubled times easily, gracefully and masterfully.

2- 4 pm Gentle Chair Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher who'd like to expand your teaching to benefit more students? Maybe you're interested in beginning a yoga practice and not sure where to begin? Chair yoga offers you the ability to improve your health through an amazing form of creative and adaptive exercise.

Did you know that almost all yoga poses can be modified for the chair? People with disabilities, injuries, weight challenges or inflexibility, can all benefit from yoga with a chair. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to take advantage of yoga’s benefits, relaxing your body and mind, boosting your musculature fitness and flexibility, and improving your overall well-being.

Teachers of yoga and students alike will gain knowledge of using props to create a well balanced practice from a chair. What you learn in this workshop can be applied to mini yoga breaks at work, a long plane ride, or any time you need to balance the mind, increase blood flow and boost your energy.

What would it feel like to totally nurture and honor your body? Enjoy learning a yoga practice that is invigorating, fun, and accessible, but most of all, effective!

Sunday October 14th
9-11 am Balance, Core & More_Vinyasa Flow with Sarah Starr

Juice up your practice as we focus on creative asana sequencing, integrate dynamic variations on Sun Salutations, fun transitions and new possibilities for the core! This lighthearted workshop is geared towards both beginning and experienced yogi's. Explore the foundation of balancing and the playful mindset needed to maintain balance, on and off the mat.

Beginners will learn how to enter balance poses, demystifying even the most challenging of balance postures, taking these step by step tips back into your regular practice with playful confidence! This practice will teach your body the mechanics and leverage of arm balances with greater mindfulness and ease as you learn how to incorporate a strong core into your practice with playful and unique conditioning... Come with an open mind and refresh your spirit in play, sweat and laughter!

Location: Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio & Center for Conscious Living
2746 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201
Time: Saturday, 11:oo am - 4pm Sunday, 9 -11am.
Date: Saturday, October 13th -14th
Fee:  Single workshop $35 pre-registered and $45 after October 10th
Contact information: Lisa at 847-475-1500
or sign up online at

**Sarah will also be offering bars sessions, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Call 920-255-2373 for any questions or to make your appointment

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