Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yoga Immersion Weekend with Heaven Meets Earth, Evanston, Ill. | Happy Yoga Testimonial

Hi Sarah,
I felt inspired by you and your instruction this weekend. You are down to earth and so joyful that I could not imagine anyone being sad in your presence. You looked and sounded like sunshine to me.
I relaxed with a peaceful feeling during the heart imagery in savasana, in which you directed an inbreath through the back of the chest into the heart and an exhale through the front of the chest.
I found that your instructions were consistently given with a positive feeling so that if I was not ready for the pose, I did not feel "less than" someone else who was proficient. I especially liked the directive to try the arm balances for fun-that the level of my spirituality did not depend on accomplishing these advanced postures. Your positive attitude encouraged me to do more, and I felt the benefits afterward.
Thank you for your energetic and powerful instruction.

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